Sequel In the Making

I know it is crazy but I am already working on the sequel to Imitatore. I have so many ideas just floating around in my head that I can’t put off writing it any longer. I fear if I do, I’ll lose all of my ideas. I don’t think its too soon, I think that writing the sequel needs to start sooner rather than later honestly.

Obviously no one has read the first book yet, so it is hard to ascertain if a sequel would even do well. I guess that part really doesn’t matter though, I feel like I need to right so that’s what I’m going to do. There is so much more of the story to tell and build on, there is absolutely no way that I can just ignore that. Oh the woes of being a writer, right?

I’m honestly so excited to get this started. My fingers have been itching to write something for days and sadly, my blog posts just aren’t cutting it. Not that I don’t love keeping up with my blog but writing fiction is more my calling than anything. Not to mention since I have been gifted a new computer by some truly wonderful people, I am ready to get my writing on with this thing. Nothing like a sleek, new keyboard to get you inspired. My favorite sound in the world is that of keys clicking. I know that’s weird but it is entirely true.

So a sequel is coming and no, it doesn’t have a name yet. As soon as I know that, so will you.

A. Rose

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