It’s Happening!

So I am excited to announce that I have an official release date! January 11th is when Imitatore will be available for purchase by you and by stores (hopefully). I am anxious about all of this and so happy all at the same time. I am still waiting to see my proof copy and approve everything for my ebook as well but everything is going according to plan. Now everything really bridges on whether or not everything is formatted correctly and no revisions need to be made.

After all this time, I am finally here. I guess the only thing I can really do now is wait and see what happens. I hope that people enjoy it and even though success would be the best outcome, it is not the only thing that I want. I want people to enjoy what they read, to feel included in what they read, and most of all I just want them to see Imitatore for what it is (even if I’m not entirely sure what that is yet).

Thank you for being here on this marvelous journey. I cannot thank you all enough for your generous support. Fingers crossed in hopes that everything goes well in the next few days.

A. Rose

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