Three More Days

Three more days… that’s all there is. It’s going to feel like an eternity and like no time at all as well. My story will be officially out into the world (well not my personal story but one that I wrote). My proof copy will be here in a day or so and I will finally get to look at my own book. I’ve seen my Eproof but have not held a physical copy yet. I am so excited to do this. I think I may actually cry (probably not but ya know).

As I am writing book two, I am starting feel like I may be getting ahead of myself. I’m most likely not but if no one even reads or likes book one, what would be the point of book two? I try hard not to think about that honestly.

Once the book is out, I may avoid the internet for a couple days haha. I’m that nervous about this whole thing but I am incredibly hopeful.


A. Rose

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