Events Coming Up!!

I am like so on edge waiting for my release party. I just want it to be here already! Like I hope that people show up but at the same time, I’m happy to be able to have the event. this will be the first time I really get to celebrate the release of my book. I thought about not doing anything but decided against that. I’m weird when it comes to celebrating things about me; I usually don’t like too much attention. I know, I’m a writer, so that statement is cliche and well frankly, an oxymoron but whatever.

Either way, I am preparing for this party and I still have no idea what to wear. I feel like my usual T-shirt and jeans approach wouldn’t be appropriate but club wear would be too far haha. I will figure it out I’m sure, the party is February 8th, so I have time.

In addition to the release party, I will be doing a book signing February 24th at Boneshaker Books as well! I am so excited that this store was so willing to work with me! Next on my list is to topple Barnes & Noble but that’s gonna take time. Lately I have been debating sending my work to an actual publisher but I want to see how everyone feels about it first. It is in my goals for this year, I just have to figure out how to do that.
Especially since it’s basically a novelette and not everyone goes for those. That is not going to stop me from trying!

So I hope you all are reading and enjoying! Get a copy of Imitatore from,, and even go to stores and request that they order it! Rate it on amazon, barnes & noble, and on goodreads!

A. Rose

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