Dreams Coming True?

This is not a place that I ever thought that I would end up in life. With clinical depression, I honestly did not believe that I would end up anywhere. So to be here, with a book that people are loving, that I wrote; that makes me so happy. It makes me hopeful, which something that I haven’t really been in a while. I am enjoying it.

Reality set in when my favorite artist, who I will not name for her privacy, told me that she would love to read my book. I just about died; like I honestly still cannot believe that this is happening. People who don’t even really know me believe in me and I think that’s insane. Truth be told, at this point I have already succeeded in achieving part of my dream. Whatever happens after this is just icing on the cake really.

Right now my focus is on promoting this book and working on the sequel as well. Promoting is hard work, so I spend a lot of time and effort doing it. I enjoy the hell out of it though. So I keeping my hopes high but my expectations within a reasonable range. Here’s to Imitatore and to 2018!

A. Rose

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