Managing All Platforms

Social media is a tough monster to battle. Like I have to spend a lot of time on it but not so much that it completely absorbs my life. Now I realize that I am a millennial but I am not incredibly versed in how so many things work. I was born in the very early end of the 90’s and the internet blossomed as I grew older. I started out with dial-up, typing classes, and good old fashioned myspace (though myspace wasn’t until, like late middle school).

So when it comes to Twitter, Instagram, and sometimes even Facebook; I have no idea what I’m doing. Hashtags are something I am still gaining an understanding of how to use the right way and capturing a following is something that I am not very good at yet. However, as a writer, these things are paramount to most of my success.

The trick for me right now is balance. I have to spend time on all the social media platforms I can, without forgetting that I still need to be writing. It is definitely a delicate balance; a walk of a tight-rope so to speak. I’m still learning and honestly, it’s kind of fun to finally connect with other writers; especially within my own genre. I am just terrible at not being a weirdo sometimes.

Hopefully I get the hang of things and that social media stops being such a big, scary world to me.

A. Rose

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