Let the Fundraising Begin!

With many nerves and tons of fear, I have finally launched my fundraising campaign to self-publish my book. This is something that is out of the normal for me as I usually do not like asking for money but I figured why not. What I hope is to receive enough funds to pay for marketing and formatting services through Amazon. As well as order books to host signings and such.

Your help and support is greatly appreciated a will not go unrewarded either. If you choose to donate, you will receive a signed copy of my book! I know it’s probably not a huge consolation prize but it is what I have to give you. Check out my campaign message and donate if you can! Thank you!


A. Rose



Going for Broke

A phrase used quite a lot but it is definitely something I always feel like I am doing. I put my all into pretty much everything I do and I hardly ever expect results from it. The reason for this is because I love the things that I do. If someone else loves them too, that’s great, but it is not the only reason I do things. That sounds crazy full of myself but I promise you I am not.

I spend a lot of time wondering why I do things, or rather, why I try to do things. I am constantly plagued with self-doubt and anxiety, so the additional stress at times hardly seems worth it. Truth be told, nine times out of ten I give up on a project before it is even finished. I have so many unfinished poems and stories that I don’t even know if I would qualify myself as a writer sometimes. It is all very, woe is me, but whatever. Where am I going with this? Oh yea that’s right, going for broke.

With Imitatore, I am going for broke. I am going to self-publish this book and put myself further out there than I ever have before. It is absolutely the most nerve racking thing I will ever do and I do burlesque. I have a hard time sharing my writing, simply because I am always afraid that no one will like it or understand it. I know, that in the end that part doesn’t matter. What matters is how I feel about the work that I put out but it is still nice if someone likes what I do. There are no guarantees that anyone will like Imitatore, none at all but I am not going to let that stop me; not this time.

With self-publishing comes inevitable expenses and as a broke college student, that word scares me. I don’t know if I could work up the courage to do a gofundme or a kickstarter because I really hate asking for money. That and I have no idea who would want to donate to something like that. Especially when there is no guarantee that this book will even be successful. I know I have to do something because I believe in this project, I just don’t know what I am going to do yet. I need luck, confidence, and so many other things. I am slowly finding them along the way, hopefully everything falls into place soon.


What have some of you done in your own self-publishing journeys? Have you raised money through a crowdfunding campaign or did you go it alone?

A. Rose


To Self-Publish or Find an Agent?

Hi all and welcome to my first blog post.

I am currently still in the editing phases of Imitatore but I keep going back and forth about what I want to do once I’m done. The idea of getting some huge book deal has been an ultimate dream of mine since childhood but the fear of rejection keeps me from submitting to agents or publishers. Self-publishing also seems like a good way to go but it does involve a lot of effort on my part, both physically and financially. I have spent so long writing this story and the only thing I want most is for the world to read it, I am honestly just stuck on how to get there.

The drawbacks to attempting to submit to publishers or agents is the simple fact that I have no platform and not a lot of people know who I am. I do not have any degrees in writing and this is my first full fantasy fiction work. I don’t know about you but to me, that does not sound like someone I would bank on right out of the gate. However, there is always the possibility that I am wrong and that my work is good and someone would be overjoyed to work with me. I want to try but it is a long arduous process and I’m not sure I want to wait that long.

Self-publishing requires self-promotion, something that has never been a strong suit for me. It also requires a certain amount of financial capability if I want print books or to do signings and things of that nature. While ebooks are all the rage, I still want my book in print and in stores. I would not know how to make that happen. I guess I really don’t know much about the world of self-publishing at all. Hell, I’d love some advice.

So right now, I painstakingly edit while my mind refuses to make itself up. Though I must say, whether Imitatore is published or not, I am proud that I finished it. I thought about giving up so many times but I knew that this was my story to tell and no one other than me could do it. So, if anyone can offer any advice on the matter I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for reading.

A. Rose