I’m Back (Again)

Yes, I know; I have been away for a while. I have been writing but most of all I have been focusing on my mental health. Something that is very important and crucial to my ability to write. It has been a journey but I’m finally starting to feel like a person again, so I guess that’s better than nothing.

Daughter of Athena is still waiting to hear back from agents (yes, I refer to my manuscripts as if they are a person). I’m hopeful but I’m not gonna lie, those rejections hurt a little bit. I’m thrilled about the story and I think that other’s will enjoy it as well. If it comes down to it, I have zero problems with self-publishing it as well.

I am also back to working on the sequel to Imitatore. I took a break from the story because I wasn’t entirely sure where I wanted to go with it. Now that I have an idea, and a small spark of inspiration; it is back in my rotation of works. I also recently self-published a collection of poetry, which you can find on Amazon. It is called Legal Pad Poetry: Poems From Yellow Paper. I hope you enjoy it!

Alrighty, that’s enough out of me. Back to writing!


Writing, Writing, and More Writing

That’s pretty much what I’ve been up to. Well that and a ridiculous amount of self-promotion. Also, reading since I’ve had some time. This is my version of busy and it is a version I enjoy. Couple all of this with school and I’m surprised that I have any time to sleep.

It’s exciting to be doing things I love to do, that’s for sure. Keeping up with these things will be another struggle all its own. I tend to lose motivation rather suddenly and then next thing I know is that I’m spending all my time napping. That usually means it’s time for my medication to be adjusted. Chronic fatigue sucks and since mine is a symptom of my clinical depression, it just makes it worse. If my chronic fatigue comes back, then I know a depressive relapse is just around the corner. I don’t want to deal with that again. Like, I literally just got out of a major depressive episode that was actually pretty scary for me. I don’t know if I could handle it all over again. Inevitably, I will most likely have to but I would rather not think about it.

I have been feeling a lot better since I started my medication but my chronic fatigue is slowly creeping back. I am just exhausted no matter what I do. So I have an appointment Friday so I can head this off and adjust my meds before it’s too late. Hopefully all I need is a simple adjustment and not an entire change. Getting used to new antidepressants is the worst.

For now I’ll continue to push through and hold on to doing the things that I love.

A. Rose


Finding Inspiration

So now that Imitatore is out, I am trying to find the inspiration for book two. Life has been pretty hectic for me as of late and I have not had much time to just sit down and write. Honestly, I would like the time to just sit down and write. I officially am starting to feel unproductive and I dislike that feeling. Though I guess no one can be productive all the time and we all have to take the time to enjoy life. Well right now for me, it’s about getting setup in the new house and navigating this semester of school. I always do well in school but that doesn’t stop me from getting stressed about it.

Winter is definitely the best time for writing (at least for me). I am far less tempted to go out and do other things because it’s usually snowing or freezing. My joints and chronic pain do not do well in the cold, like at all. Even as I am typing this, my fingers are moving much slower than usual. I’m used to it but that doesn’t make it any less annoying. However, we are here to talk about inspiration and not about my ailing body.

Normally, I find inspiration from my dreams and from those around me. Problem is, I haven’t been dreaming much and also haven’t been spending much time around others. Not because I don’t want to but because I just haven’t had the time or energy. With dreaming, I think my medications are impeding my memory of my dreams. Which is fine because it means I am sleeping more soundly but I need to be able to remember what my dreams were. Maybe starting a new dream journal is what I need. Something that forces me to write down what I do remember right when I wake up. I would just have to keep up with it.

Where do you find inspiration for things in your life? Whatever your hobby is, where does your inspiration come from?

A. Rose